New Adoptable Manta Ray

First is the Seahorse, then the Sea Turtle, and now a new adoptable creature is now available, the Manta Ray! Lost Manta Rays will appear randomly on your tank, help it to let your friends adopt it.

New Fishes

I haven't able to update the fish list lately, so I'm posting here the list of fishes that has been added and some fishes that were removed.

The cuban hogfish, kissing fish, lyretail hogfish, maroon clown, neon black damsel, picasso trigger, queen triggerfish, six line trigger(removed), spotted sweetlips, twin spot wrasse and unicorn tang.

2 More New Antiques

FishVille has just implemented the antiques and added some more after a week. Here's two more antiques that has been added in FishVille.

Valentines Day Items and Gifts!

 As we all know, it's just moments before the Valentines Day, but before that, you can buy items to decorate and have the feeling of valentines day inside your aquariums!

New Fish Life Cycle

There will be a feature that will soon be implemented on FishVille. It is about a new life cycle of fishes. This feature is currently enabled only on selected users, so don't be surprised if you do not have this feature on your aquarium.

Chinese New Year Items!

This February 14, 2010. Same day as Valentines is Chinese New Year and this year will be year of the tiger! And in preparation, FishVille just added new items! Let's hope that the items will really increase our luck.

FishVille Theme Mp3 Download

Hey guys, I just recorded FishVille's theme and saved it as mp3. Listen to the live demo below.

Download now!

This theme sound mp3 is property of Zynga. No copyright infringement intended.